In all shrink wrapped boats, we supply vents so the boat can breath while under wrap.

Why Shrink wrap?

Simply, it protects your boat against the weather.

There are 2 different types of shrink wrap: Transport wrap and Storage wrap.

Transport Wrap

Transport Wrap provides a tight smooth, form fitting wrap that protects your boat. This is a great way to keep your boat clean and free of stone chips during transport. You receive your boat from the manufacture, dealer or private customer in the same condition as the day is was wrapped. Most boats are detailed before being shipped from manufacture and sometimes from dealers & private customers.

Due to the damage a cover could produce if it were to come unsnapped during transit, we transport with all covers off (unless specified by the customer to leave the cover on). Shrink wrapping is a wonderful way to protect the interior of a boat during transit.

Storage Wrap
(we provide this service only to local areas or when we transport it to storage)

Storage wrap shields your boat from the winter weather. It is also a great way to preserve and get a longer life span of your canvas. Shrink wrap protects against chafing that may occur from boats covered with tarps. It can also serve as a theft deterrent. It keeps people off your boat while in storage (and/or during transport). Shrink wrap door can also be supplied in the event you may need to enter your boat through out the winter season.



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